Spectacular EyeClops has come! Eyeclops night vision give challenge for kids or adult who eager for fantastic night vision experience like never before.


Powered by actual infra-red driven night vision technology, Eyeclops Night Vision enables you to see, even in completely dark environments.


You will never imagine what you can see in 50' in complete darkness. Bat ? Fox ? Sneaking Guy? Or Ghost maybe ? Anything is possible!


You can take it for Hiking or Camping, or anywhere you like to become "Night Creature" of your own! Take your own experience there!

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Eyeclops - What's so Unique about Eyeclops ? eyeclops video


eyeclops night vision infrared stealth goggles provides kids young and old with an authentic night vision experience like never before. They are powered by actual infra-red driven night vision technology. Eyeclops night vision enables clear visibility up to 50’ in even complete, pitch dark environments.


These conduct covert operations in your backyard, investigate nocturnal activities in your house and take games like hide n’ seek to a whole new level. See upto 50’ in complete darkness and Eyeclops night vision lets you see in complete darkness.


Eyeclops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles - Becoming Night Spy

Take covert operations to the dark side with this handheld eye clops night vision goggles unit that lets you see up to 20 feet in the dark. Powered by actual infra-red driven night vision technology, eyeclops night vision goggles enables clear visibility in even complete, pitch dark environments. Become a night spy, investigate nocturnal activities in your house and take games like hide 'n seek to a whole new level. Requires 4 "AA" batteries, not included. Measures 10"L x 12"W x 7"H.


Eyeclops Night Vision Goggles - Customer reviews:eyeclops demo

EyeClops Night Vision Goggles - Surprising Performance With Some Warnings

Mark "Technology, Music and Movies" (East Coast)
The eyeclops night vision are being sold as a toy, and I'm not so sure this is a toy. Anybody who has seen the movie The Silence of the Lambs has probably wondered where somebody would get goggles like the kind used in one of the final scenes of that movie. These only show you one eye at a time but work just as good as those.

These performed much better than I expected. The box says it's made for ages 8 and up, but I think this is probably more suited to VERY mature kids or your older friends. An immature person could get into a lot of trouble playing pranks with a toy like this. Still, I could see this being a learning aid for kids studying nocturnal animals. I could also see this being a fun toy on a camping trip. However you use this, it's a great gift idea and a pretty good value.

+ The performance in the dark is surprisingly good!
+ The price for this type of item is very reasonable
+ Nice adjustable power lets you see farther at night
+ Very good fit makes them relatively comfortable once you size them
+ Works well in both *green* or *black and white* modes
+ Easy installation (though time consuming! See below)
+ Nice portable unit that can be taken on camping or hiking trips
+ Allows you to wear glasses under the goggles
+ Left eye flips open so you can see a little before you turn them on
+ Included safety list is well thought out and should be read and followed

- Plastic body and rubber straps do not feel durable; handle with care
- Somewhat large lens and sensor on the top makes this top heavy
- Only shows the image in one eye
- Your depth perception is way off while wearing these
- Takes 5 AA batteries and uses up juice fast!
- Really difficult and time consuming to remove from packaging
- You have to be careful who you give these to!


While I normally would not quibble about this, taking this guy out of the packaging took me 30 minutes. This is a very poorly designed interconnected system of cardboard and plastic, held together by tape everywhere. When you are done you have a pile of cardboard and plastic that would be difficult if not impossible to put back together. The goggles come attached to a half face made of green plastic, but that is hardly adequate for storing them.

Then you have to slowly adjust the rubber bands holding the unit to the plastic in order to get enough room to fit your head inside. Finally, you have to unscrew the battery top to add in 5 AA batteries. So this was a long installation, about 45 minutes in all. Just be warned if you are giving this on Christmas. If your kids try to quickly tear through this package, they will have a surprise coming to them. So take your time when you're opening this on Christmas morning.


Once you do get to the point of adjusting the rubber and putting this on, you will find that the inside of the right eye has a small screen, almost like a min-TV screen. When you turn them on, the screen comes to life just like a TV. The performance in darkness was absolutely better than I had hoped for. These things really do work.

The only thing that makes them less than ideal is that your depth perception is WAY OFF. It looks like things are closer than they are. This may be due to a delay in the image being processed to that screen. Whatever the reason, you should not be doing any obstacle courses with these on.


= The left eye actually flips open, but you have to gently apply pressure till it opens. Make sure not to apply too much force, because once it opens it snaps back all the way and seems like something that would easily be broken.

= The small knob next to the right eye is supposed to adjust your sensor for distance between the *stealth mode* for close proximity or the *surveillance mode* for far away. In my opinion, the stealth mode works best and allows you to see far enough (20-25 feet). The surveillance mode also emits a little bit of light so others may be able to see you.

= Under the right eye, there's a small button to switch between green coloring (like the Silence of the Lambs) and black and white. The image seems equally visible in either, at least in my opinion. Perhaps this might matter more for somebody who is color blind.

= The included booklet has a list of "Stealth Safety" tips on the second to last page (page # 6 in my book). These tips are very sound and should be read carefully. The best tip among all of them is to make sure you have extra batteries (5 AA) and a small Phillips screwdriver, because the batteries are supposed to last 3 hours or so.

= While it says that you can fit glasses within the goggles, there is not too much room in there between the screen within the right eye and your eye. So if you have glasses that fit close to your face you should be fine. But curvy lenses that are far from your eye may be too big for use with these goggles. Plan to use contacts or a closer fitting pair of glasses if you can.

= Invest in rechargeable batteries! Nice sets with batteries, spacers and a charger can be had for $20 to $40. You will be glad you did.


When I saw this up close and started getting it ready, I thought I was in for a disappointment. When I put them on, I was blown away. These perform much better than they look. I wish they were more solidly constructed, but perhaps that's how they were able to keep the price so low. Give them a chance. Just be careful who you give these to!



Eyeclops Night Vision - Experiencing Night Vision

This is the bottom line question for most people how well do they work? Here's what I have to say. It does work surprisingly well at least that's what I thought. So while I don't think the Army is running out to your local toy store and stalking up on these babies for kids and some adults these work great. It's a price to value thing for this price it's a great value and works very well.

When you first put on the EyeClops Night Vision Goggles you become a bit disoriented due to the monocular fashion that the camera comes into the goggles. This monocular view allows for the night vision mode to be seen through only one of your eyes. At first use this causes a sense of disorientation that goes away after about a minute. It was an odd feeling of nauseousness for me - but the kids seem to love it! I've gotten soft as I've grown up so nauseousness need only be for the flu season for me. The narrow field of view when using the night vision is also a bit unnerving. It's narrowness also lends to a bit of disorientation - and once again my kids love it.

If you are from the armed forces or a rapid outdoors man who love to stalk things at night I don't reccomend these you could really do better and should do better.  There are much nicer ones out there that are designed just for the hunter or assasin or what ever.  Remember this is supposed to be a kids toy and for that I would say go for it.


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